BiGA = 1 Gram Gold

Digital Gold with Physical Backing Traded on the TAKASCHAIN Blockchain Network


Gold-Backed Digital Asset Platform

BiGA is a digital gold on a blockchain-based transfer system, where gold is digitally represented using blockchain technology and has a physical equivalent stored one-to-one in the Turkish State Mint and can be delivered upon user request. Many digitally produced blockchain-based assets do not have a physical backing and therefore cannot be used in regulated financial markets. The BiGA project offers a solution compliant with official regulations by enabling the transfer of digital assets that are physically backed, physically deliverable, and gold-pegged on the blockchain. Known blockchain solutions operate in a structure where either all transactions are visible to everyone or each transaction is completely confidential. In the TAKASCHAIN infrastructure used in the BiGA infrastructure, transfer transactions are verified by the validator stakeholders on the blockchain, and while the user's financial privacy is protected, the transactions can also be monitored by a regulatory authority. With these features, it provides both privacy and traceability in a way that is compliant with regulated financial markets. BiGA stands out as the first digital asset that is integrated with the Gold Transfer System, has a physical equivalent, can be physically delivered, and provides full privacy and auditability. In this context, it is planned to enrich the TAKASCHAIN, the created digital asset platform, by adding digital assets indexed to existing values. You can start using the current version by opening a BiGA account from the websites or mobile applications of intermediary institutions and banks. You can access the details of the project from the Project Report Whitepaper.

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7/24 Transfer

Instant transfer capability that can be performed at any time of the day

Dijital Gold Network

Independent of limits with the blockchain network that can be created


Transaction and user privacy thanks to the designed cryptographic infrastructure

Secure Transactions

100% secure transactions that are not affected by sudden price movements, whose physical value are stored in the safes of the Turkish State Mint, and offer the option of physical delivery


Traceability of transactions by parties and authority

Physical Equivalent

1 BiGA = 1 gram gold

Access to Data

Opportunity to decentralized unlimited access to date

Physical Delivery

Opportunity to receive BiGA on the blockchain as gold through to Darphane

Frequently Asked Questions

BiGA is a digital gold asset represented on the blockchain with a physical equivalent. It is backed by one gram of gold and can be physically delivered upon request. This unique feature sets BiGA apart from many other digital assets that lack physical backing and cannot be redeemed for physical gold.
BiGA is a blockchain-based transfer system project developed by Takasbank on the TAKASCHAIN transfer infrastructure. It facilitates the secure, reliable, and privacy-focused transfer of gold represented on the blockchain using blockchain technology. The acronym "BiGA" stands for "Bir Gram Altın" (One Gram Gold) in Turkish, reflecting the underlying physical gold asset backing each BiGA token.
BiGA accounts can be conveniently created through the mobile applications of participating banks. After creating your BiGA accounts, you can perform BiGA buying-selling, transfer, conversion to dematerialized gold and physical withdrawal transactions. As the process progresses, you can follow the announcements to be informed about the banks and institutions that will be included in the system.
To physically receive your BiGA tokens from the blockchain, you can create a request using the mobile application of your participating bank for the amount you wish to withdraw. Once your physical withdrawal request is approved by the Mint, you will receive your BiGA tokens in the form of physical gold within 4-7 business days, also through the Mint. The delivery options offered by your bank may vary at this stage.
The TAKASCHAIN currently under development is technically a blockchain infrastructure. This infrastructure can be used for payment systems in future phases, as well as for transfer transactions of different values.
The BiGA project differs from other solutions in that it is a platform where there is a physical basis, where the digital asset can be physically received in the form of gold, where transaction details cannot be seen by other stakeholders other than the parties making the transaction, and where confidentiality is ensured by approval without seeing, and at the same time, these transactions can be audited by the authority when necessary.
BiGA is a digital asset developed on the TAKASCHAIN transfer infrastructure, which has no value of its own and is completely indexed to the value of gold. Payment systems infrastructures to be developed using TAKASCHAIN will continue to represent the real values of the value (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) to be defined in TAKASCHAIN.
In the currently available version, end-users will be able to buy and sell BiGA through intermediary institutions. Therefore, the wallet interface will be provided to the end-user by the relevant institution. In the future, the development of mobile/web wallet applications where individual users manage their own accounts is planned.Whitepaper link.
BiGA, powered by blockchain technology in its infrastructure, TAKASCHAIN, is similar to existing cryptocurrencies in that it ensures secure execution and approval of transactions by using intense cryptographic algorithms; It is a digital asset that differs from these structures in that it is not fully decentralized, has a physical basis, can be received physically and is auditable.
TAKASCHAIN, as an infrastructure platform, can be used for different valuable assets. The current version of the project focuses on the transfer of BiGA, which is pegged to gold. In the future, it is planned to add digital assets pegged to different values to the system if needed.
BiGA has no value of its own. It maintains its value as it is completely indexed to gold.
The BiGA project report contains the information that the public needs on this subject. You can access the relevant report from the Project Report link on the homepage.


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