BiGA = 1 Gram Gold

Physically-Backed Blockchain Based New Generation Transfer System


Gold-Backed Digital Asset Platform

The main objective of the Biga Project is to establish an infrastructure that will allow for execution of transfer of dematerialized gold at certain standards with their physical equivalents kept in safe custody using blockchain technology.When the current solutions are examined, it is seen that many digital assets produced with the blockchain technology are not backed by a physical underlying asset.Due to the fact that these digital assets are not based on a real value in accordance with the values ​​in effect in the current regulatory financial markets, it is not possible for them to be traded subject to value transfer.Since each digital asset has a predefined physical basis for the related asset in blockchain-based solutions; it will be ensured that a dematerialized asset without its own value can be transferred. Thus, trust to this digital asset will be established and the possible speculations that may occur will be prevented.Additionally all transfer operations on blockchain network must be validated by validators withoout knowing the transfer amounts which are not the party of the transfer but at the same time all transfers must be trackable by regulator authorites for regulative financial world.BiGA is the name of the first asset that will be produced to this effect on this platform running in an integrated manner with the Gold Transfer System, that is a first in the world in this field which is totally private and regulative. You can reach all detalis about the project from the project Whitepaper.

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7/24 Transfer

Real time validation and transfer with participants

Dijital Gold Network

Borderless gold transfer network via blockchain technology

Transaction Privacy

Full privacy with designed cryptographic infrastructure

Tracebale by Authorities

Monitored transactions by the authority additional the parties


1 BiGA always equals 1 gram gold

Data Accessibilty

Unrestricted access to central independent data

BiGA Roadmap

December 2017
Project Start

May 2018

July 2018
Cryptographic Design

September 2018
PCT Patent

May 2019
Participant Test

September 2019

December 2019
Version 1.0 Go Live

June 2021
Version 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions

BiGA, which is abbreviation of one gram gold (in Turkish), is an infrastructure project based on blockchain technology. It enables secure, controlled and confidential transfers of dematerialized gold, which has specific standards and physically stored in BIST vaults.
BiGA is a gold transfer platform which is solely based on gold price.
BİGA is not directly available for end users yet. If you want to have BiGA you must have an account on a bank which is a BiGA node. However, it will be available for end users without banks at the next phases.
Wallet application will be provided by banks for end users. In phase-2, mobile and web wallet applications are planned to be developed for end users so that they can keep their own BiGA.
The answer differs since cryptocurrencies do not have complete and precise definition yet. BiGA is similar to existing cryptocurrencies due to the use of blockchain technology, intensive cryptographic algorithms to ensure security and verification of transaction, a structure that does not need a single central party to operate. On the other hand, BiGA is separated from them as it is physically-backed and provides privacy between all participants of the network while enabling regulators to audit the transfers.
Technically, the existing product is a blockchain infrastructure. It can be used for payment systems or transfers of different type of assets at the next phases of the BiGA project.
BiGA is an infrastructure which based on an existing blockchain framework to make transfers private and auditable by regulators.
BiGA is still on testing phase. When it is on production it will be announced which banks are available to have BiGA.
BiGA whitepaper document is the main resource for this. You can access it via Whitepaper link.
BiGA is developed as a parametric infrastructure which is able to work for different assets. However current integration with conventional gold transfer system is making it available for only gold transfer at the moment.
Being 100% physically-backed, private and auditable by regulators are the main areas where BiGA project differs from other blockchain solutions.
BiGA does not have its own value. Its value is completely related with gold.


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